Discipleship Group's

The goal of every believer

Discipleship Groups:

DG groups are weekly groups of 4 to 6 people of the same sex desiring to go deeper and be discipled as well as become a discipleship leader and disciple others.

Commonly Asked Discipleship Questions:

How do I choose disciples?

The first step in establishing a formal disciple-making relationship is choosing disciples. Jesus, our example in selecting disciples, spent time in prayer before selecting men (Luke 6:12-16). The word disciple means learner. Begin by asking God to send you a group of men or women who have a desire to learn and grow. 

How many people should be in the group?

Because accountability works well in a smaller setting, the ideal size of a disciple-making group is three to six.

How often should we meet?

Ideally, you should meet once a week. 

Is there an attendance requirement?

Yes, and it is not negotiable. The first time you meet with a potential group, your leader will explain the disciple- making covenant with them. Since we’re going to spend our lives together for the eight to twelve weeks, we want to know if you are committed.  

What do our meetings look like?

Begin with prayer. Ask each participant to present one prayer request at the start of each meeting. Assign a person to pray over the requests, and ask the Lord to sharpen each of you through your relationship.

Your weekly meetings should focus on four elements:

  1. Study the Word together.
  2. The group discussion.
  3. Hold each person accountable for Scripture memory by reciting the previous week’s

passage before the group.

4.Ask accountability questions of each other. Hold each person accountable for

achieving their goals. For example, “How is your relationship with Linda? You mentioned last week that you were working on the way you spoke to your wife." 4. Pray together before departing.